Proven Track Record
Extensive experience in building internationally approved and award winning facilities, including sterile injectables & ophthalmics, tablets, capsules, liquids & ointments.

Exclusive commitment to the Pharmaceutical and API industry. This has made us create a team of professionals who are well versed with the needs and regulations related to the pharma sector.
Keen understanding of Engineering, Designing and Project Management for timely execution of the Projects.
Services, Methodologies and Tools specifically tailored and aligned to meet our clients’ needs at every stage of development.
Adherence to industry best practices and latest technology solutions.
Client Focus
Client satisfaction is our top most priority. XIDEL works closely with its clients, their project needs, ranging from upgradation of an existing facility to planning a new greenfield facility.
XIDEL guides its Clients through the project life cycle, i.e., from concept design, basic and detailed engineering, construction management and validation to manufacturing the initial batches, thus providing a one-stop solution.
Commitment to Excellence
We recognize that our work will affect countless people in unknown ways. We, therefore, take utmost care and put forth our best effort in every task that we undertake.
To XIDEL, commitment to quality means, Quality of thought, Quality of service, Quality of communication and Quality of our promises. We walk our talks with integrity.
Deep project knowledge and experience demonstrated with Integrity.
Professional, experienced and multi-disciplined team to operate successfully and judiciously on challenging Project assignments.
Engineering Edge
XIDEL realizes that all projects from conceptualization to reality, require considerable engineering detailing. We have the capability and the talent to assist in developing the most basic ideas into workable designs. We have the knowledge and the experience in the construction activities to assess alternatives, understand the impact of these alternatives and provide the optimal solution.
We have a capable and efficient resource group to provide quick response on Project and Construction Management services.
Proven methodologies - pragmatic and flexible
Deep documentation knowledge to service any International Audit.
Up-to-date knowledge of our engineers to offer high quality service with an Innovative and Creative approach to problem solving.