Goa Plant I

The Plant manufactures Solid Dosages, Creams, Ointments and Liquid Orals & is located in a non-pollutant area, with a vertical flow system, monolithic flooring, fully air-conditioned RM & FG stores. The unique feature is that it has a separate Pilot Plant. The plant has capability to manufacture Aqueous, Non-aqueous & Photosensitive products. It has HVAC system that maintains Relative Humidity to 40% +/- 5%. The facility has now been expanded to meet the growing demands of Indoco customers from the regulated markets.

The facility is approved by UK-MHRA (for Solid Dosages & Creams & Capsules), MCC South Africa, TGA - Australia (for Solid Dosages, Liquid Orals & Creams & Ointments) & Darmstadt Germany (for Solid Dosages). The Solid Dosage facility has also received approval from Brazilian food & drug agency, ANVISA, marking the beginning of Company's foray into one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. The Plant also holds the WHO-GMP approval.

Dosages manufactured and their annual capacities:

 Solid Orals (Tablets Coated / Uncoated) : 3 Billion Tablets

 Liquid Orals : 36 Million Bottles

 Creams & Ointments : 15 Million Tubes

 Capsules (Hard Gelatin) : 60 Million Capsules