Baddi Plant

Indoco has set up a Greenfield Manufacturing unit in BADDI, Himachal Pradesh at a cost of Rs. 450 mn (10mn US$) to manufacture tablets, creams, ointments, liquid orals and toothpastes.

The manufacturing facility has been designed for logical movement of men and materials. The plant has been provided with all necessary arrangements to eliminate the risk of errors, avoid cross contamination and mix up.

Dosages manufactured and their annual capacities:

 Solid Orals (Tablets) : 1.5 Billion

 Liquid Orals : 3000 KL

 External Preparations (Creams & Ointments) : 200 Tons

 Oral Hygiene preparation (Toothpaste) : 1500 Tons

This facility has been approved by UK-MHRA (for Solid Dosages), World Health Organization, Ministry of Health - Nepal & JAZMP, Slovenia.